Thursday, March 10, 2011



Thanks to student Todd Burd, I may now have the necessary information to get you as a subscriber to our blog. Remember, as a subscriber, you will receive notification, I think in your google email account, that a new posting has occurred on our blog. This will allow you to not have to go back to the blog every week but rather know when something new is there for you to investigate. Let's hope this works. If it is working for you, would you email me so I know it is and that the instructions I am about to give you are correct? Here is how I think you can subscribe.

  1. Go to our url
  2. Go to Google Reader
  3. click on subscription (on the left)
  4. past our blog url into the google reader subscription area
  5. this should then show up on your subscription list at the bottom

I believe you are then done. Again, please email me with results. I will continue to play with this until it is working.

Dr. Septeowski

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  1. Works for me! But, as I said earlier, I’m hoping to hear from others on more options. I’m sure there are a multitude of alternatives through various platforms. Most people use Google nowadays and all students/staff have the “” email address through Google. For those 17 or so people viewing or have an account through Blogspot/Blogger, they should be able to subscribe fairly easily.